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In times of inflation, consumers are turning to the discounters in the belief that these stores will offer the lowest prices for their everyday purchases.(LIDL +1.1 pt and ALDI +1.7pt of market share versus December 2022 versus December 2020.)*

Geo Pricing

Consumers increasingly segment their purchases and consider price to be a very important factor in the choice of the brand (Sensormatic IQ 2022). It is essential for retailers to be perceived as the best value for money in each catchment area, but not at the expense of their profitability. Geo…

Impacts of promotion in pricing.

A brand's promotional policy is an integral part of its price image. However, bringing pricing and promotion together is not an easy task. In this article we will look at the impact of competitors' promotional actions on a retailer's pricing policy. 

Yield management vs retail pricing

Pricing is one of the biggest headaches for companies. Unsurprisingly, we can observe radically different approaches among the scientific and economic players. The different approaches do not compete with each other, each one corresponds to a business need.

Pricing challenges in the toy industry

Buying a toy is not a necessity. The drivers of consumer need and customer journey are therefore crucial topics when it comes to pricing games and toys: retailers who know how to extract key information from them will be much better equipped to optimise their pricing.

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