Our solutions are designed by retailers, for retailers

Our analytics platform is built to meet retailers' challenges.

It helps them design and implement accurate and efficient pricing strategies, with promotions and category management, by making the most of the available data.

It allows retailers to produce, test and deploy customizable strategies with unlimited users, powering collaboration across multiple businesses and tech teams.

Retailers are facing a significant change in their business. We are by their side.

Our team is made of retail analysts, software engineers, and business experts who are all committed to giving your business a unique, competitive edge.

A trusted tech partner

We are the ultimate retailer pricing tool.

Major retailers choose us, our application, and our methods so they can thrive on their markets.

Who uses our application?

Pricing departments

Develop pricing policies in line with your brand's strategic objectives and relevant for each store and each product family.

Product & category management

Easily feed your pricing strategies with your customer insights, build trust in your product lines, and guide customers toward your strategic brands and products.


Accurately monitor your KPIs. Create and validate pricing strategies which meet your objectives.

Franchisees and store managers

Get recommendations tailored to your local context and leverage your field knowledge into pricing strategies.


Modules designed for your performance

Smart segmentation

Mercio uses AI to turn your raw data into knowledge. For instance, we can highlight classifications based on marketing insights from your sales receipts.


Enrich your data with your internal marketing insights to model the customer's perception into pricing strategies

Horizontal chaining

Accurately position your products among your competitors' and leverage horizontal chaining in your private label's strategy.

Vertical chaining

Ensure a consistent pricing strategy across all your shelves to build trust with your customers.

Rules engine

Build your pricing policy with our sets of sophisticated rules inspired by retail's best practices and implement a surgical pricing strategy the easiest way.

What-if simulation

Make the right repricing decisions by evaluating and comparing multiple pricing scenarios in a snap thanks to Mercio's unmatched performance.


Attract customers in every store by adapting your strategies to each catchment area's context. Ensure your prices are competitive everywhere, anytime.

Elasticity and cross-elasticity

Simulate sales and margins precisely by integrating elasticity and cross-elasticity indexes into what-if analyses.

Mark-down optimisation

Optimise margins during products' end-of-life thanks to the AI-based markdown simulator... Because Mercio is by your side from to beginning to the very end of your products.

Store application

Customise corporate recommendations to local contexts with field knowledge brought by franchisees and store managers.

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Yes, Mercio's pricing application brings automation, and the level of automation is configurable. Depending on your pricing maturity and your internal organization, you choose to automate or manually define your strategies. You can tune the level of automation by product family for better control over your prices with a minimal workload on your team.
The setup of a standard project with Mercio takes 3 months. Your project can include specificities; in this case, our business solution engineers can estimate the setup duration for any custom project.

Yes, you can import your own elasticity coefficients in the solution to run your pricing simulations. Mercio's application comes with analytics and simulation sections to help you forecast the impact of direct and cross elasticity on your sales.

Yes, our solution uses machine learning to identify automatically sensitive or non-sensitive products for your price image and update this classification as more data is fed into the system. This categorization is key to applying the proper pricing strategy to each product.

Management controller, procurement, category manager, marketing team, or pricing team: all those profiles use our application today. When the pricing activity involves multiple teams, each user profile has access to specific screens related to their scope and responsibilities. Our solution can also be used by clients without a dedicated pricing team and comes with the tools for a collaborative work on your pricing.

You can use and benefit from Mercio's application without your competitors' pricing data. For instance, you can use Mercio to ensure price consistency across your catalog, leverage customer behavior based on your sales data, or optimize your markdown operations; as many applications to improve your performance right now.

No, you can use Mercio's application with your current data. That way, our pricing tool will help you identify and highlight data issues, and prioritize your data cleaning tasks. If needed, Mercio can get you in touch with one of its large network of partners to provide market data or make your current data reliable.
Your pricing can be managed by as little as one part-time user on Mercio's application, depending on the automation level that you configure and the frequency of your price updates. The workload can also be split across multiple members or your team to fit your internal organization and/or make the management of your pricing as efficient as possible.

Mercio's core technology is the result of 15 years of R&D in the finance industry - a sector in which huge datasets are common - to allow fast and complex computations on the fly. For a DIY client, our application is running properly on datasets numbering as many as 400 000 products, each priced uniquely across thousands of catchment areas. At the moment, Mercio's application computes more than 100 million prices every day, in a matter of a few minutes.