Mercio Unveils Revolutionary Retail Pricing Tool with Advanced Geopricing and Analytics Capabilities

Mercio Unveils Revolutionary Retail Pricing Tool with Advanced Geopricing and Analytics Capabilities

[Paris, 10/06/2024] – Mercio is proud to announce the launch of the new version of its pricing platform, designed to transform the way physical retailers manage and optimize their prices. This new pricing solution is built on top of the latest cloud data warehouses to provide an analytical approach and the highest precision in pricing, on vast amounts of data without limits.

Key Features of Mercio’s Retail Pricing Tool:

  1. Geopricing: The tool allows retailers to set localized prices, to ensure competitiveness and profitability in diverse markets. By analyzing local market conditions, customer behavior, and competitive landscapes, stores can tailor their pricing strategies to effectively meet specific local demands.
  2. Price Image Modeling and Advanced Analytics: Mercio’s pricing tool provides sophisticated price image modeling at scale, helping retailers understand and influence customer perceptions of their prices. Advanced analytics capabilities provide deep insights into pricing effectiveness, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance profitability and customer satisfaction.
  3. Unified User Experience: Mercio’s revamp offers a unified interface for all pricing use cases, whether analytical or transactional. Users benefit from a streamlined workflow across the entire application, increasing productivity and ease of use.
  4. AI-native: this new solution brings AI directly into the application, where data already resides, reducing iteration cycles and improving accuracy. Users can now benefit from embedded sales forecasting and automated product linking to accurately assess impact accurately and focus on high-value tasks.

« We are thrilled to introduce this state-of-the-art pricing tool to the retail market, built specifically for retailers and based on 7 years of pricing expertise. With this new solution, our users can address the complexities of modern retail pricing by drawing on diverse and massive data sets, while taking into account the operational and regulatory constraints associated with their brick-and-mortar businesses. »

Alexandre Point, CTO of Mercio

Mercio’s new retail pricing tool is set to redefine the pricing strategy landscape, providing retailers with the insights and capabilities needed to stay ahead in a competitive market. Businesses adopting this tool can expect improved pricing accuracy, increased efficiency, and a better price image with their customers. For more information about Mercio’s retail pricing tool, please visit

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Alexandre Point
Alexandre dirige nos équipes de développement et permet à Mercio de rester l'éditeur le plus innovant pour le pricing dans la grande distribution. Diplômé de l'Ecole Polytechnique et de Stanford et entrepreneur aguerri, il est doté à la fois d'un esprit d'excellence et d'une curiosité insatiable, ce qui permet d'aller toujours plus loin dans l'innovation pour nos clients distributeurs.